Managing for the future

For over 30 years, we have been supporting public offices in going digital – from the digitization of paper files to transparency in budget planning to modern HR processes.


More efficiency, more speed, more quality

Our standard is to think digital – while always keeping our sights on the people. We leverage our expertise and proprietary software to make our clients fit for the future. More than 100,000 users in public offices, community and church administrations, education and research institutes, as well as non-profit organizations, put their trust in our solutions today. By doing so, they benefit from our all-round approach. When software, consultancy and operations come from a single source, it is MACH AG.
Founded in 1985
Consistently visionary

In the same year that Microsoft launched Windows 1.0, Jan Müller-Ontjes founded the company MACH in an old barn at the Baltic Sea. He saw the public sector’s need for administrative and financial software. Ever since then, we have continually developed further and evolved as a growing company with many ideas.

>400 Employees
A Story of growth

What started as a small family-run enterprise is today a healthy growing medium-sized company thanks to our consistenly visionary path. In the past three years, we have even doubled our number of employees.

>100.000 Users of our Software
Over 50% market share in Germany

These include federal and state offices, community and church institutes, universities and non-profit organizations. For example, half of all payments that the German federal offices make are performed using the financial management systems by MACH.

Our culture

Our corporate culture is the foundation on which we enjoy successful teamwork together with our clients. We work jointly with public administrations to support them in facing challenges.
Experienced, competent


Future-centric, forward-thinking


Eco-friendly, socially responsible


Down-to-earth, reliable


Established 2018

Creating an intelligent ecosystem for the future of E-Government

Because digitalization is an ongoing process, we have decided to actively foster its development. The MACH Innovation Hub researches within the field of new technology for public administration.

We have in the Joint Innovation Lab a high-performance ecosystem of public administration, academics and business . The platform brings public administrations, science and economy closer together and promotes powerful digital innovations for the public sector. This platform cultivates the development of effective digital innovations for the public sector.

The Joint Innovation Lab also conducts research on technology together with the University of Lübeck and other partners.

To contribute to global leading developments within digitalization and continually remain at the forefront of change, we participate in The Northern Germany Innovation Office in San Francisco

Joint projects with the German Academy for International Cooperation (GIZ): As a service provider in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development and international education work, GIZ is dedicated to shaping a future worth living, around the world. The main commissioning party of GIZ is the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Univ.Lect. Christian Rupp, CIO MACH AG

„Do you know the magic square of digitization and successful strategies? I like to share my knowledge about improving governments on the digital path. In the last decade I was invited by around fifty countries and worked with them on digital transformation roadmap. Let’s get in touch an talk about improving your government or public administration!”

>12 E-Government strategies designed by Christian Rupp

Our Chief Innovation Officer Christian Rupp is one of the leading minds in the digitization of Europe’s public sector. Before he began at MACH in 2019, he was the Federal Executive Secretary for the Austrian Government and Spokesperson of the Federal Platform Digital Austria. He has consulted more than a dozen governments worldwide on the creation and further development of their digitalization and digital transformation strategies. Most recently, he coordinated and designed the eGovernment activities between the federal government, constituent states, cities, communities and businesses in Austria. Furthermore he was the director of the SME DIGITAL initiative of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and plenipotentiary for digitization. As a University Lecturer for New Public Management and Information Management he has written articles for more than thirty books. Advisory bodies of the CoE, EBRD, GIZ, World Bank and UN value his digital expertise. In 2013, Christian Rupp was awarded the Decoration of Honor in Gold for Services to the Republic of Austria by the Austrian Federal President.

Over the past 15 years, Christian Rupp has also served as a senior expert in various European Commission committees and has actively shaped numerous digital agenda activities of the EU.

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